Thursday, April 30, 2009

#15 - Library 2.0

Library 2.0 is a really awesome idea, but will be difficult to implement. Although there are many people that utilize the different services the library offers, especially on the internet. However, it would be hard to bring in the older generations. How do they fit in? I think that the idea of Library 2.0 is really cool because its helping the public make it their own; also developing collections specifically for people, and helping them to create their own personal book collections that make them excited about educating themselves and improving their life. A city-run system run by the taxpayers, for the most part.

Technorati Technology! #14

Technorati was really cool. I feel like I got caught up on what's "in" right now. Especially in the blog world. The different blogs were really interesting to read, and see what people are talking about today.

Tagging Bookmarks with Delicious #13

I think Delicious is a really good tool. It's handy to use because you can go to one place and go to all of your favorite or most used sites. It's also really easy to keep organized, and easy to clean up so you can delete sites as you go. This would be a really useful tool for any business. As a really organized person this site would be perfect for me!!

Steph's delicious link


CeleBuzz (Steph's Rollyo)

Rollyo is pretty cool. It's cool to use it and be able to find every article on a certain subject. However, I am a big fan of yahoo! and feel like it's as useful as anything else I need to use.


Steph's Library Thing

Library Thing is awesome! Now I finally have a place to put all the books I want to read/have read!! It's the perfect place for book nerds!


This was so fun!!!

Thursday, March 5, 2009


RSS is awesome! I love the fact that I can get onto one site and get all the news and information that I want! I don't have to remember websites or anything. I just click and I can read all about my favorite things!

I added celebrity news, book reviews, TCCL's 23 Things, and a few other sites. It is definitely cool that I can organize all of the blogs into different folders to keep track, and keep on top of all the news and updates!