Thursday, March 5, 2009


RSS is awesome! I love the fact that I can get onto one site and get all the news and information that I want! I don't have to remember websites or anything. I just click and I can read all about my favorite things!

I added celebrity news, book reviews, TCCL's 23 Things, and a few other sites. It is definitely cool that I can organize all of the blogs into different folders to keep track, and keep on top of all the news and updates!

How DVR changed my life.

I will honestly admit that I love TV. If I could, I would watch TV all day long. I especially love really stupid reality shows that have no point. For example, I was really into Bret Michaels Rock of Love. Why? I don't like Poison nor do I find Bret particularly cute or interesting. I just love that people will do anything to be famous, and date a rock start.

However, being the wife of a youth pastor most of our nights are taken up by some church event, and I always seem to be gone during the time that a show that I like airs. So, I have started to depend on my digital video recorder. It not only records the shows that I missed, but allows me to fast forward through the commercials, so I can watch a show faster and don't have to mess with annoying commercials.

For example, Monday nights we have our college age small group. However, my shows (Intervention and The City) are on and Levi's (24 and some golf show) are on, and all at the same time. With DVR we can tape all our shows, and watch them at our own time, so we are not forced to sit through each other's shows.

How did I ever live without this machine in the first place?

If you don't have one of these, I would highly recommend getting one through your cable company. It may be a little extra money each month, but definitely worth it!