Thursday, February 5, 2009

So, I'm new here at the library, and get no vacation for quite a while.... :(

But maybe in 10 months when I do, I'll go here...

And I'll just be happy to go to church that's not in a highschool auditorium....!!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

7 1/2 Habits

After watching the 7 1/2 habits presentation I am pretty sure that I would struggle the most with "viewing problems as challenges." I tend to give up on things pretty quickly if I discover that I may not be that good, or can't figure something out. I find that it takes a lot for me to really become disciplined and focused on doing something new. One example would be working out. I absolutely despise working out. About every couple of months I tell myself I will start to work out regularly and get into shape. However, once I actually start working out I realize how out of shape I am, and get discouraged. It's a vicious cycle because I know that to get into shape I need to be consistent, but I hate the process of getting into shape. Most likely, I need to find some sort of activity that is fun, and start to get into shape that way, like with kickboxing or something. If I enjoy it, I am much more likely to continue to do it.

The habit that I would probably be the best at would be that I accept responsibility for my own learning. I love to knit, and have taken it upon myself to get books and supplies in order to teach myself something new. I use the books to teach myself new stitches or cabling, or whatever. It is hard sometimes since I don't have an example set in front of me, but I really enjoy the end result, so I try to keep up with it. I also like to teach myself stuff through reading. In college I studied theology, so I am always trying to keep up with the changing thoughts and ideas in the theological world today. That means that I need to keep reading and trying to understand myself and others in order to be an effective theologian.

And, hopefully, through this process, I can learn how to use technology more effectively to continue to learn new things throughout my life.
So, I decided to do the 23 Things program. I'm not really sure all that is involved, but I like to learn new things, and am hoping to learn something new and useful through this process. Usually, I'm really bad at keeping journals and stuff, so hopefully I'll be better at a blog. Guess I'm not really witty enough to keep up with it, and write something really worth reading!

Let's see, I work in technical processing, putting labels on books and linking media and such. I really like it, and enjoy the people that I work with. Since I just graduated from college I am still getting used to living in the "real world," I guess. Getting up early, working all day, and having a few hours at night to spend with my husband. I don't think I have ever looked forward to the weekends as much as I do now! As much as I like my job here, I really like sleeping!